The Rover Platform

Be first. Be fast. Be smart. Be safe.

A Quick Roverview

Getting to the scene of an incident as quickly and safely as possible is the single greatest factor in preventing deaths and injuries, limiting property damage and reducing the overall severity of an incident. With a rise in emergency call volumes, increased incident severity, shrinking budgets and fewer resources, first responders need Rover now more than ever.

Rover is an innovative, cloud-based notification and response platform that provides all the tools needed to decrease response time. Take control of the first crucial minutes of an incident.

Rover automatically sends in-app, text or email alerts to responders with complete incident information such as site details, water assets, hazards, maps and navigation. Through one touch of their mobile device, responders can indicate their availability while Rover instantly relays their location, credentials and estimated time of arrival back to the incident command center.

First responders can then focus 100% of their attention on getting safely to their destination. Rover displays each members ETA and tracks their position until they arrive at their destination so that gathering crew members can more effectively orchestrate the staffing and departure of vehicles and have critical information to determine if mutual aid is needed.

Rover Integrates with Leading Records Management Software Providers.

Never enter the same data more than once with Rover API integrations. Automatically transfer hydrant locations, occupancy data and more between Rover and other software solutions.

Works with any mobile device, tablet and desktop.

Integrates seamlessly with any CAD

Pinpoints each responder with GPS geolocation and live map tracking

Displayes ETA of all responders based on real-time date

Provides up-to-date data on water assets and hazards

Stores and displays 1000's of preplans

Customized to your department and shortcut language

Simple to set-up. Easy to use.

In addition to all the essential features needed for incident response, Rover provides tools for other department communication such as scheduling, training, company bulletins and secure one-to-one messaging.